What is considered a good piano?

  • An acceptable piano has a responsive keyboard and a uniform key and tonal range.

  • A good piano has a large volume- a wide envelope between pp and ff. Easy and clear pp and relaxed and strong ff.
  • An excellent piano has also a singing tone: rich in character, silky partial range, low attack, large swell and long sustain. Uniform tone throughout the dynamic envelope. Responsive in high key speeds, repetition and legato in the pp level.
  • A superb piano has finally overcome the structural stumbling block of all pianos: It greatly enhances and enriches the “killer octave” (notes approx 55-70) where most pianos seem to be weaker and produce a small and distant tone, exactly where it is most needed on the right hand. Furthermore the attack is no longer a noise but is more of a condensed tone, full of character and ready to bloom in an explosive swell. Finally it resolves all the difficult balance issues in all pianos: Balance between bass, tenor and treble, between speed and control, between power and detail, between volume and sustain and between all the numerous active levels of a moving key. The artist is no longer distracted from the piano, he/she only focuses on performance.


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