Unique Constructions

We believe that hotel pianos are so unique and so valuable business tools that they merit special attention. They can indeed make a difference and also improve the hotel’s image.

Our success recipe is to build more on what we know as a classical piano: It has to be self-playing (automatic piano) loaded with very special music, it has to sound and play exceptionally and it must depart of what we always know of a black black piano. It has to look different, unique, beautiful and in harmony with the surrounding aesthetics and architecture. It has to respect and exploit the place’s culture, ethnic character and music.

In Greece we perform in-house recordings for the player system with excellent Greek musicians on all kinds of music for every hour of the day, for every age. We built piano finishes with traditional instrument decoration {oysters, bone, gold leaf) up to ultra-modern (synthetic cement, metallic finishes, liquid glass etc.) that remind the Greek sea, seasons of the year and historical themes.

Discover the uniqueness of an excellent automatic piano

Check with us the unique impression a self-playing piano displays: it is not a CD and it is not live. It is something in between with the piano playing live and the orchestra and vocals reproduced from speakers hidden under the piano. If the piano and the musicians excel, then the result is magnificent.

We normally supply the whole package starting with a very special hand built piano after checking with the company or the hotel peculiarities to suggest a matching project and give alternatives.

Modern self-playing pianos landed in the market at about 1990. We thought they looked a bit awkward, made just to impress, although they were very active 100 years ago. We soon realized that they are so advanced that they can do miracles. After constant innovation and 5 major improvements in the last 25 years they are very powerful educational and entertaining tools. They are adopted by large portions of the entertaining industry, without ever claiming to replace pianists. They just effectively cover a void where it is actually needed.

Check with our audio samples and video and look at our U-tube activity. We chose to fit the PIANO DISC player system as we believe it is the most advanced in the market. We have been trained and certified by the company in order to have maximum performance and support long guarantees.

Recent Creations

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