Onse again we believe in a holistic approach to the acoustic part of the piano. In one project we change pinblock, revive the soundboard, install a new bridge cap, polish capos and change aggrafes, and install our own bass strings in a full stringing job.

We are “classical” on pin block selection by choosing the “delignit” pinmblock. We work in detail on coupled forces that may cause future frame cracks and apply tight fit (+/_ 0.1 mm) on multiple curved surface contacts with the frame.

We check metal frames for hidden invisible cracks, which we remedy with “cold” welding with special electrodes. Frames are carefully polished on capos and duplex scales with the appropriate curvature and then finished (we often gold guild them).

Radially cut box wood or laminated rock maple is our choice for bridge cap material. After graphiting and notching we fix stainless steel bridge pins. Bridge height is determined after preloading and calculating bearing.

Soundboards are cleared of old finishes and wedged with spruce if cracked (we normally suggest soundboard replacement in this case). We then enhance old crown and fix with special chemicals in an oven (please contact for details-too long to explain here). It is important to take the right decision between reviving or replacing a soundboard according to the age and performance of the instrument. Cost is always very critical and of prime priority.

Reviving an old soundboard is cost effective but not fully satisfying solution. It only recovers part of the performance loss of the new piano. Therefore we proceed only on medium aged pianos. An old piano requires a new sounboard, bridge,etc. In that case we prefer to design and fully build our own instead of buying a prefabricated sounboard, for reasons that are too complicated to explain here. For more, please check the “handmade piano”.

Our own bass strings always insure a more quality controlled output and even results as we control copper tension and feed speed.

Piano finish is the final and beautiful rebuilding step. We support the “built up” finish that gives volume to piano surface and final coats are either brush polished to mirror effect, or brushed for satin finish. We like to reveal woods internal growth patterns and often experiment with modern multilayer finishes that resemble rock, ice, liquid glass, metals etc. Please check on our specialized gold and platinum gilded finishes.



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